the-learning-crowd work on multiple projects throughout the UK

Our work is highly regarded, most recently:

2020: Winner: AJ100 'Collaboration of the Year' (Book: Urban Schools - designing for high rise)

2020 / 2018: Shortlisted COBIS - Supporting Member of the Year

t-l-c were Education Advisers to: 

2020: Winner: RIBA National Award - SILS3 (Southwark Inclusive Learning Service)

2021: Winner, Education Estates Project of the Year (Barony Campus, East Ayrshire)

2021: Winner, Scottish Design Council, Best Education Building (Barony Campus, East Ayrshire)

2020: Winner, RIBA Regional Award Civic Trust (Grange Primary School)

2020: Shortlisted, Construction Excellence in Wales Award (Brecon High School)

2019: New London Architecture Awards Commendation, Education Category, (Belham Primary school)

2019: Finalist, RICS Awards: 'Design through Innovation’ & ‘ Community Benefits’  (Three Rivers Academy)

2019: Shortlisted, SPACES Awards, Civic Building of the Year (Three Rivers Academy)

2019: Winner, LABC West of England Building Excellence Award (Great Western Academy)

2019: Shortlisted, RIBA London Award (Belham Primary School)

2019: Civic Trust Awards Regional Finalist (Albion Primary School)

2019: Civic Trust Awards Regional Finalist (Belham Primary School)

2019: Selwyn Goldsmith Awards for Universal Design - Regional Finalist (Belham Primary School)

2018: Winner, Innovation in Delivering Value (Ditton Park Academy)

2018: Finalist, Inspiring Learning Spaces (Portsmouth UTC)

2018: Finalist, Innovation in Teaching and Learning (Portsmouth UTC)

2018: Finalist, World Architecture Awards (Three Rivers Academy) 

2018: Finalist, Best Pupil / Student experience (Three Rivers Academy) 

2018: Listed, Inspiring School Designs from Around the Globe (Three Rivers Academy) 

2018: Winner, Best Educational Building - Building Excellence Awards (Albion Primary School)

2018: Winner. London Regional Award, RIBA Awards (Ivydale Primary School)


The below list represents just a sample of the projects undertaken by the-learning-crowd. (We are unable to list some projects due to confidentiality agreements.)

2022: Monaco: Masterplanning the interior development design and move of the International school of Monaco into a new building

2022:  Geneva: International school in Geneva: Drafting masterplan ideas merging two sites on to one, including ideas for a new building. 

2022: Romania: Working with the Healthy by Design Building Institute (Romania) on adapting evaluation criteria for education buildings for the new IMMUNE standard.

2022: Working with contractors on new new F.E. college expansion schemes

2022: Supporting the design of new F.E. provision  as part of the Welsh Government new MIM projects.

2022: Working with the NHS and two local authorities in writing design briefs for new homes for young people with severe SEND challenges

2022: Qatar: Continuing to work with American Architects on developing designs a new Autism School in Qatar

2022: Working with residential developers on assessing need and demand for new schools as part of two building programmes

2022: Supporting the design of multiple school projects, including lots of stakeholder engagement in several parts of Scotland, (including Mid Lothian, Moray, Orkney, Shetland etc)

2022: Working with a contractor the design of a new primary School in Wales

2022: Supporting the design of 2 new primary schools in Bridgend as part of the Welsh Government new MIM projects.

2022: Working with Ryder Architects on a new secondary school project in Scotland

2022: Working with two academy chains of schools on their ICT provision

2021: t-l-c chairing two sessions at Education Estates Conference in Manchester 

2021: Project win with BAM for the new building for Southam College, Warwickshire

2021: Eastern Europe: Creating Education Design Brief and operation model for a new international school in Eastern Europe

2021: Working with contractors on multiple new school project bids in England and Wales

2021: Creator of Curriculum content and website for the Equans School Zero project - ongoing

2021: Working with an Spanish international school group on supporting the design of their ICT vision

2021: Supporting planning applications with developers on the requirement for new schools up to and including planning enquiries.

2021: Supporting the design of three primary schools as part of the Welsh Government new MIM projects.

2021: Trouble Shooting and supporting the design of an SEN college

2021: Easter Europe: Leading on all aspects for a new international school in Eastern Europe

2021: Education Design Brief written for a new international school in Tenerife

2021: Bidding with multiple contractors on a variety of new school schemes throughout England and in Wales.

2021: Chairing several sessions for the Inclusive Learning Environments Show Digital Week

2021: Creating Design Briefs for Single Young Person SEND education / residential accommodation projects (NHS / Education)

2021: Design and creation of multiple STEAM curriculum projects and hosting on line webinars - Digital Division, Scottish Government

2021: Supporting the design of a large new school project in Scotland: Countesswells, Aberdeenshire.

2021: Continuing to support the design of a large SEND school for ASD students in Qatar

2021: Working with a UK international private school supporting a site master planning exercise

2021: Leading the design process for single SEND individual education and residential space

2021: Supporting the design of a new Education and Training Centre for a hospital trust.

2021: Working with multiple contractors on several new school design projects for secondary, SEND and 'all-through' schools

2021: Designing curriculum content for the Scottish Government Digital Directorate, and chairing interactive sessions for the CivTech Demonstration Week

2021: Supporting the design of a large 'all through' school as the first of the Welsh Government new MIM project.

2021: Supporting the Design of multiple SEND schools with a variety of contractors

2020: Speaking and Chairing Sessions at the Festival of Early Years

2020: Working with Mott MacDonald / DfE on the Gen Zero approach to new schools 

2020: Wales Educationalists to the successful bidder for the Welsh Government MIM school procurement project to develop and build schools across Wales. 

2020: Supporting multiple contractors on new school projects across England.

2020: Qatar Working with architects Wight&Co (Chicago) on FF&E strategy for the new Academyati school. 

2020: Selected to create an education strategy for Otterpool, a new town in Kent and draft Education Design Briefs for primary, secondary and SEND schools

2020: t-l-c part of winning bid team for the new (4-16) Manor Park Academy, Peterborough 

2020: Speaking in multiple sessions for the online Festival of Learning Spaces

2020: Qatar Working with architects Wight&Co (Chicago) on Renad Academy, a new  3-21 K-12 ASD school 

2020; Working with several contractors on new school projects (Secondary, 'All Through' and SEND)

2020: Providing education advice to school planning appeals for contractors

2020: Developing Education Design Brief for new 'all through school' for 'Inspiring Futures through Learning' Multi Academy Trust

2020: Supporting Folkestone CC with the Education Strategy for a new town

2020: Qatar Working with architects Jestico and Whiles on a new multi school project 

2020: Speaking at the COBIS Business Managers Conference

2020: Supporting several contractor teams bidding for new school projects throughout the UK

2020: Speaking to Swedish Architects with Architects; Penoyre and Prasad

2020: France Education support to the  total overhaul of ICT facilities at Mougins International School, Cannes

2020: Greece Supporting the redesign of existing school facilities at St. Catherines' British School, Athens.

2020: Kosovo Supporting the creation of a new British International School 

2019: Speaking at The Education Buildings Forum, and also the Education Estates Conference in Manchester

2019: UK Working on several new school tender projects with contractors for new school buildings in the UK.

2019: France Provide educational ICT support to Mougins International School in Cannes.

2019: Tenerife Supporting a British International School on expansion and remodelling plans

2019: Scotland Working with Architecture and Design Scotland in providing educational ICT strategy advice  

2019: England Supporting New School Bids: Supporting numerous contractors bidding new school build projects, across the UK and in Wales

2019: Wales Supporting contractor bid teams on a number of new secondary school build tender competitions

2019: Qatar Multi School Project. t-l-c are supporting architects with a new multi school project

2019: Education Buildings Wales Conference: t-l-c were heavily involved in this conference, including being on the conference advisory group, chairing a session and two Senior Associates speaking in other sessions.

2019: New International school project in Turkey: Working with project group to provide support the the design and operation of a major brand new 'all through' International school

2019: New school project in Wales: Supporting the design and school workshops for a new build primary school project

2019: School Needs Analysis: Working with a major residential developer to analyse and report on population requirements for new schools

2019: New School Design projects: Supporting multiple new English school design teams as part of the Priority Schools programme, working with numerous contractors, including BAM, Wates, Morgan Sindall amongst others

2019: ICT Visioning and Support: Working with a multi academy trust to secure its ICT vision and agree strategy for next steps

2019: Working with residential developer: Supporting developer to accurately assess need for new school in new large residential development

2019: International Headteacher Recruitment: Supporting an International School interview process for its new Headteacher - Egypt  

2019: Supporting New School Bids: Supporting numerous contractors bidding new school build projects, across the UK and in Wales

2019: Architecture and Design Scotland: Supporting the design and school workshops for a new build school project

2018: Young Dancers Academy: Working with YDA in developing a strategic direction for the future. 

2019: Pinnacle Furniture: Developing a presentation for Pinnacle for use with schools and future clients

2018: Architecture and Design Scotland: Running a two workshop for Architecture and Design Scotland with a new school project.

2018: Queen Elizabeth High School / Hexham Middle School: Working with the school to write an Education Design Brief for their potential new school buildings 

2018: Pinnacle Furniture: Leading CPD Workshop

2018: KEO / Mall of Qatar School:  Acting as Education Planner providing advice on the design of a new school, working with KEO Qatar

2018 Kings Group Academies: ICT visioning and procurement strategy, supporting a new school opening. (King's Academy Binfield and Amen Corner North Primary School)

2018: Education Estates Conferences: t-l-c have spoken at the following Education Estates conferences this year: Education Estates Scotland (Hannah Jones), Education Estates Wales (Gareth Long), Education Estates England (Dr, Sharon Wright)

2018: Qatar Academy Future School & Qatar Academy for Science and Technology': Educationalist providing advice on the design of these two new schools.  Working with Wight & Co Architects (Chicago)

2018: Scottish Futures Trust: Writing the 'Inspiring Learning Spaces Toolkit' for Scottish Futures Trust

2018: Leaf Academy, Bratislava: Working with this exciting 14-18 international school in supporting the design of their new buildings.  As a totally boarding school, this leads tp a range of interesting challenges

2018: STEAM Workshop: Workshop and CPD to a school on the new Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths agenda and the implications for a new STEAM building

2018: Qatar Academy Sidra: Working with Forum Architects (Singapore) and CEG (Qatar) in the design of a new 'all through' school for Qatar Foundation  

2018: Canon Barnett Primary School: Supporting Developers with the design of a new primary school in London

2018: Amnuay Silpa School, Thailand: Working with architects Scott Brownrigg on masterplanning the existing school site and potential expansion

2018: ACS Egham: Working with the school in considering how to maximise the efficiency of the school site, providing CPD and developing new strategies for the use of space

2018: Post Occupancy Evaluation, Grimsby University:  Evaluating the effectiveness of their new buildings.  (working with Ryder Architecture)

2018: ICT Education Visioning: City of Edinburgh Council 

2018: Bidding New School Projects: Bidding with several contractors to support the design of new school schemes

2018: LB Southwark: Supporting a potential new building element for Riverside Primary School

2018: King's College Binfield:   Working with King's Group Academies in supporting the pre opening planning and programming

2016 - 2018: Evaluation - Career Connect programme

2017: Post Occupancy Evaluation:  Trinity Academy Halifax.  (working with Ryder Architecture)

2017:  Launch of Agile Spaces Research Project  t-l-c, along with sponsors VS, are leading a small research project about the impact of agile furniture in a flexible classroom on learning

2017:  Section 77  Supporting the work of a local authority in exploring all issues around the education impact of three schools having major extension schemes or moving to new buildings and changes to facilities for sports playing fields and other related matters

2017: King's College Binfield  Supporting the ICT design for this this innovative 4-18 'all-through' school which will cater for 1,800 students

2017 : Independent Review of Admissions and Pupil numbers: Providing independent analysis of pupil numbers / birth rates / admissions within a local authority to support the case for requiring / not requiring a new school

2017 : Polish British School, Warsaw, Poland: Delivering CPD on the British National Curriculum, assessment, planning and monitoring

2017 : Croydon : Working the support group hoping to open a new school, with a review of admission numbers. future population projections, student movement etc.

2017 : King's Group Academies : Working with this multi academy trust to help prepare for the opening on King's Academy, Binfield

2017 : Architecture and Design Scotland: Supporting the development of Digital rich learning spaces  

2017 : New Pupil Referral Unit : Write Education Design Brief for a new PRU and support the school during the design process

2017 : King's College Alicante and King's College Elche : Review of learning environment and health and safety issues, as well as reviewing new school building

2017 : Mott MacDonald,  Contributing to review of modular aspects of design of new learning spaces.

2017 : The Chatmore British International School : Second visit this year to review expansion progress and set action plans

2017 : College of North West London, Supporting the master plan development with the client

2017 : Edron Academy, Mexico City,  Followup visit to review ICT development and CPD on staff appraisal systems

2017 : Brecon High School, Supporting the contractor design this new school

2017 : Maadi British International School, Egypt : Supporting the school plan a strategic approach to expansion

2017 : New 10 storey free school - Bromley : Supporting the developer design this innovative school

2017 : Bidding - new school projects : Supporting contractors bidding on several new projects - ongoing.

2017 : Hollydale Primary School : Education Design Brief

2017: Chatmore British International School, Bermuda : Supporting a school expansion project

2016 : King's Group Academy : Supporting Academy leadership development

2016 : FE College expansion Scheme (London) : Working with architects on an FE expansion scheme- not identified for confidentiality reasons

2016 : Speaking events : Speaking at numerous conference events, including: Education, Construction Network, Museum of Architecture education event, ITT celebration event etc

2016 : Edron Academy, Mexico City  : leading a four day workshop in developing their 5 Year ICT strategy

2016 : ATAM Academy: Working with BAM through the design process for this new Academy

2016 : Guildford, UTC : Working with Galliford Try through the design process for this new UTC

2016 : Cardiff - New School in the West: Working with Cardiff CC in leading stakeholder engagements  in identifying priorities for the new secondary school

2016 : EUN ENABLE Evaluation  : Working with the EUN ENABLE project providing an independent evaluation of the project underway

2016 : Supporting Free School submissions Working with 2016 : Supporting Free School submissions Working wng Learning in writing and supporting new Free School bids for an academy chain.

2016 : EUN - Evaluating EUN ENABLE online programme  Evaluating the effectiveness of the online ENABLE anti bullying programme across the EU. 

2016 : 2016 : Knockroon New Campus  Project, Scotland - Working with architects: Sheppard Robson and schools   in developing a large additional shared campus scheme.

2016 : Strule New Campus  Project, Northern Ireland - Working with schools, the NI Government and contractors in developing a large additional shared campus scheme.

2016 : Eagle Farm Primary School- Working with Milton Keynes Council and Willmott Dixon in providing education advice for the design of a new 3 f.e. primate school.

2016 : Royal Borough of Greenwich- Writing a new Education Design Brief for a new 3.f.e. primary school building

2016 : Great Western Academy - Working with contractors bidding for a new large secondary Free School project

2016 : Eagle Farm Primary School - Providing education advice to the design process for a new school building

2016 : Modern Governor : Working with this online resource company to create new modules specifically for international schools prepare for inspection

2016 ; London Borough of Southwark - writing Education Design Briefs for new primary school building and new Pupil Referral Unit buildings 

2016 : NorthWest London College - Education Design Advice for new campus building

2016 : Free School bid support - working with Connecting Learning and ATT

2016 : Knockroon Campus, East Ayrshire, Scotland  - Education design / ICT support for this major new education project

2016 ; Excell3 - Providing financial advice for Free School bid

2016 : Strule Campus, Northern Ireland - Providing education design support as well as ICT advice

2016 : King's Group Academies - Supporting their work to open new academies in the UK

2015 - 2016 : Eastern High school, Cardiff - Education design support for the new school building, governance support and training as well as ICT visioning advice 

2015 / 2016 : Knightsbridge Schools International - Developing a series of Schedules of Accommodation for potential new schools around the world

2015 : Portsmouth UTC - Education design advice to new building

2015 : Kings College, Panama - Pre ISI inspection workshops

2015 : King's College Schools - Murcia & Alicante Pre inspection preparation and workshops

2015 : Future schools - Co-Editor and contributor to new RIBA book 'Future Schools - Innovative Design for Existing and New Buildings'

2015 : LL Primary Free School - Wrote and designed education section of Free school bid.

2015 ; Milton Keynes - Asked to support the Local Authority with the development of an additional two new school schemes

2015 - June / July  winning numerous bids to support the design of a major new all through school (Birmingham: King Solomon International Business School (Skanska), Wolverhampton: New Sikh Free School (Skanska), Crewe: New UTC (BAM), Sheffield: New UTC (BAM), Slough, Ditton Park Academy (Galliford Try), Bracknell Forest: Binfield Learning Village, (Morgan Sindall)   

2o15 - Qatar Academy - successful bid to bid major extension for Qatar Academy, the flagship academy for the Qatar Foundation

2015 Chosen by Qatar Foundation as preferred Education Planner for new school projects

2015 - Ruth Gorse Free School - working successfully with BAM providing education advice for this bid for the largest Free School in the UK

2015 - King's Group - Leading Academy and Free School work in the UK for this leading international school group

2015 : International school preparation for International School Inspection for schools in Spain (Alicante and Murcia) and Panama

2015 : New College Swindon Free School - Wrote and designed education section of successful Free school bid.  Winning status confirmed by DfE.

2015 - Knightsbridge Schools International - development of generic schedules of accommodation fo several different size schools

2015: New School design support - working with Milton Keynes Local authority and Willmott Dixon  on six new school projects

2015 - Malorees infants and Junior School - supporting and advising on the expanion project to expand and link the infants and junior school.

2015: London Borough of Southwark: Continuing to support design aspect of  Keyworth, Phoenix, and Bellenden primary schools.

2014: Transforming School Environments - working with Connecting Learning on a whole Academy Professional Development Day in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

2014: New schools bid Win - working with BAM Construction Ltd we have been successful in winning a £38million project for four new school building projects in Hull and East Riding.  (see News section)

2014: Primary School Design Project - Writing the Education Design Brief for a new 3 form entry primary school project with Studio Egret West architects.

2014: ICT Vision Workshops and Reports  - for two new build primary school projects - London Borough of Southwark

2014: EUN - Evaluation Project - as part of our role on the EUN Evalustion Framework, we have just completed an EUN evaluation of the EU Living Schools Lab project 

2014: Primary School Design Support - Providing education support throughout the design process for five new primary school projects in the London Borough of Southwark - including total new build, expansion and refurbishment projects. 

2014: Priority Schools Bids - Educationalists for three Priority Schools Bids, working with BAM construction company.  (Yorkshire, Midlands and Hull & East Riding)

2014: Governing Body Support Project - for a primary school considering doubling in size from 2 form entry to four four entry

2014 - Free School Education Support -  Education Advisors for Free School Application for the Great Western Free School, working with New College, Swindon. 

2014: School Bid Projects - Education Advisors to construction giants: Galliford Try and architects; Scott Brownrigg bidding to win a tender process  to build two new primary schools and two secondary extension schemes in the London Borough of Redbridge.  We are also bidding with construction company BAM on a bidding process for a number of new schools in the north of England.  

2014: Gratnells 'Learning Rooms' Project - Working with Gratnells to develop a new online project based on developing ideal learning rooms in schools 

2014: London Design and Engineering University Technical College - Commissioned to write Education Vision and Education Design Brief for major  sponsors; Thames Water and the University of East London. with ongoing support.  

2014 Woodard Academies Trust - Undertaking education visioning work, and evidencing demand for a new Free School in Feltham with St George's Church. 

2013- onwards Editors - Learning Spaces - the-learning-crowd have taken over the editoriship of the online magazine 'Learning Spaces' - the second edition comes out in February

2013 London Borough of Southwark - Writing ten Educational Design Briefs for new build, extension and refurbishment primary school schemes

2013 Educate Together - working on Academy Bids with this Irish Education Company

2013 - 2014 Kings College School, Madrid - Preparing for Inspection workshops, and CPD sessions during the course of four visits 

2013 - onwards;  EU Schoolsnet - selected as Framework contractor for evaluation of EU funded education projects

2013 - onwards: Learning Spaces - Editorship of this on-line publication deidcated to learning environments

2013 - onwards: Knightsbridge School International - creation of generic Education Design Briefs, reflecting KSI vision 

2013 - 2014: Rydens Enterprise School and Sixth Form College (Surrey) New Build Project - Consultant Educationalist role for design process

2013 Albion Primary School, (London)  - New Build Project

2013 - 2014 Tottenham University Technical College (London) - New Build Project / Chair of Design Group

2013 - ongoing: Knightsbridge Schools International (Mauritius) - New Build all through private international School - Education Design Brief (Architects: HOK) 

Rainbow School (Beyond Autism Charity) - Report on School Premises and Priorities for Action

Malorees Infants / Junior Schools (London) - Expansion Scheme

Suklaa (UK) - Blue Sky Classrooms concept development and implementation

NETGEAR (UK) - Educational Consultancy and BETT Show Support 

Langbourne Primary School (Southwark) - Extension and Refurbisment Scheme (Architects: Architype)

Barry Island Primary School (Wales) - Innovative Learning Area extension scheme

Cardinal Pole School (London) - Support Staff restructure report and proposals

VS Education Furniture (Germany) - Introduction to schools catalogues

College Merthyr Tydfil - trouble shooting science lab designs

Lyndhurst Primary School (London) - Extension and Refurbisment Scheme (Architects: Cottrell & Vermeulen)

International School of London (London and Surrey) - Expansion and Refurbishment Scheme (Architects: ASK PLanning)

Gloucester Primary and Cherry Gardens SEN School Co-location (London)  Co-location /New Build / Refurbishment Scheme  (Architects: Curl la Tourelle)

The College Merthyr Tydfil, (Wales) - redevelopment of new Science Department proposals

London Borough of Southwark (Expansion Options review of 75 Primary schools)

Sadarah Secondary School,  (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) - New build project - design proposal troubleshooting (Archiects:  Germany)

Southwark Park Primary School (London) - Refurbishment / New Build scheme

Class of Your Own (UK) - Contribution to curriculum development of 'Design, Engineer Construct' curriculum

Welsh Government: Heads of the the Valleys Education Project - Report and Action Plan on transformation of learning in the HOVEP

Newlands (formerly Bredinghurst) EBD School (Peckham) - new build project (Archiects: Wright amnd Wright)

SILS 3 - Pupil Referral Unit, (London) Total Refurbishment project (Architects: Cottrell & Vermeulen)

American Creativity Academy, (Kuwait) - consultancy / report on expansion options and phasing for this private international school

St Saviours and St Olaves C of E Girls School (London) - Extension and Refurbishment Project (Architects: The AoC)

St Micheals and All Angels Academy, Camberwell (London) - New Build Project (Architects: AHMM)

Stevenson High School (Chicago, USA) - Professional development / workshops on potential sceince labratory designs)  (OwP/P - Cannon Design, Chicago)

Highshore SEN School (Peckham)  - New Build project (Architects: AHMM)

Notre Dame R C Girls School (London) - Extension and refurbishment project (Architects: Cottrell & Vermeulen)

St Ambrose R C School (Manchester) - New Build project  (JM Architects)

BSF Projects (UK): Sandwell, Blackburn, Hull, Ealing, Hertfordshire, Derby City, Oldham - Multiple new build projects (Architects - multiple)

Clifton Hunter High School, (Cayman Islands) with designs for John Gray High School, Beulah Smith High School, George Town Primary School) - New Build Projects  (Architects: Fielding Nair International, (Minneapolis)  for concept work, Cannon Design (Chicago)